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Toyota key programmer
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Toyota key programmer


--This adapter can be used to read the pin code of the transponder key automatically, and write the pin code into the computer transponder of the suited ECU.
It can be used to match the vehicle without keys and needn't change any computer when matching.Be suitable for all the Toyota Series from 1997 to 2005.
--Equip English using manual. Offer technology support.
--From the date of purchase, we provide for a 18 month repair warranty with conditions.
Use for the following cars:
1. ES300(1997-2003)
2. GS300(1997-2003)
3. GS400(1997-2000)
4. GX430(2001-2003)
5. IS300-IS200(2001-2003)
6. LS400(1997-2000)
7. LX470(1998-2002)
8. RX300(1999-2003)
9. SC300(1998-2001)
10. SC400(1998-2001)
11. 4Runner(1999-2003)
12. Avalon(1998-2003)
13. Cammry-4cly(1998-2005)
14. HighLander(2001-2003)
15. Lander Cruiser(1998-2003)
16. MR2(2000-2003)
17. RAV4(2000-2003)
18. Sequoia(2000-2003)
19. Sienna(1998-2003)
20. Solara(1999-2003)
21. Previa(1999-2003)



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